Muffin Trays White
Slide Muffin cups
Slide Tulip White
Slide Bakform White
Easter Lide beskuren white

Product specification

Description TypeDesignBottomHeight/
Paper blank size
Pcs/boxArticle no
Baking cupStandardItsy Bitsy redØ 37 mm29 mm1 0001100001
Baking cupStandardItsy Bitsy greenØ 37 mm29 mm1 0001100002
Baking cupStandardItsy Bitsy yellowØ 37 mm29 mm1 0001100003
Baking cup Standard Itsy Bitsy redØ 50 mm35 mm1 0001100008
Baking cupStandardItsy Bitsy greenØ 50 mm35 mm1 0001100009
Baking cupStandardItsy Bitsy yellowØ 50 mm35 mm1 0001100010
Baking cupStandardSwirl brownØ 50 mm35 mm1 0001212909
Baking cupStandardSwirl brownØ 90 mm20 mm1 0001212911
Muffin cupBasketItsy Bitsy redØ 50 mm35 mm1 0001100055
Muffin cupBasketItsy Bitsy greenØ 50 mm35 mm1 0001100056
Muffin cupBasketItsy Bitsy yellowØ 50 mm35 mm1 0001100057
Muffin cupBasketSwirl brownØ 50 mm35 mm1 0001212907
Pie caseHeartSwirl brown70x75 mm30 mm1 0001212114
Pie caseHeartValentine70x75 mm30 mm1 0001210602
TulipHigh CrownCurly Wurly pinkØ 35 mm120x120 mm1 0001100045
TulipHigh CrownCurly Wurly brownØ 35 mm120,120 mm1 0001100046
TulipHigh CrownSwirl brownØ 35 mm120x120 mm1 0001212901
Tulip 4-mixHigh CrownCurly Wurly
Ø 50 mm140x140 mm1 000
250 pcs/col.
TulipHigh CrownCurly Wurly yellowØ 50 mm160x160 mm1 0001100051
TulipHigh CrownCurly Wurly pinkØ 50 mm160x160 mm1 0001100051
Tulip High crownCurly Wurly blue
TulipHigh CrownCurly Wurly brownØ 50 mm160x160 mm1 0001100053
TulipHigh CrownSwirl brownØ 50 mm160x160 mm1 0001212903
TulipHigh CrownValentineØ 50 mm160x160 mm1 0001206922
Tulip 4-mixHigh CrownSpring/Summer
Ø 50 mm160x160 mm1 000
250 pcs/col.
Tulip 2-mixHigh CrownHalloween
Ø 50 mm160x160 mm1 000
500 pcs/col.
Tulip 4-mixHigh CrownWinter
Ø 50 mm160x160 mm1 000
250 pcs/col.
WrapLow CrownSwirl brownØ 50 mm160x160 mm1 0001212905
Muffin tray including cups25 pcs/tray5-mixØ 30 mm25 mm50 trays1100066
Muffin tray including cups16 pcs/trayFlower Brim redØ 40 mm30 mm50 trays1100067
Muffin tray excluding cups6 slots/trayPlain whiteØ 68 mm200 trays1100072
Muffin tray excluding cups12 slots/trayPlain whiteØ 48 mm200 trays1100073
Muffin tray excluding cups24 slots/trayPlain whiteØ 68 mm50 trays1100070
Muffin tray excluding cups24 slosts/trayPlain whiteØ 48 mm50 trays1100071

See our new Distributor Range folder.

Distributor range

Tielman offers a unique product range for distributors. Our aim is to provide a carefully selected range of products that stands out from the crowd! The items listed above are normally kept in stock but most of our customers supplement this range with our other standard products in their own design. It is also possible to utilize our experience in supplying the major processors when it comes to developing new items for our customers in the distribution sector too.

Our market experience helped us in developing this line, and we will continue to change and expand the offering to better support our Distribution partners and their customers.

All our cups/cases are:

  • FSC-certified paper
  • BfR & FDA approved
  • 100% virgin fibres
  • Biodegradable
  • Oven & microwave safe
  • Freezer safe