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Alimec in Italy has been serving the food industry since the early 1980s. They have representation all over the world, and Tielman has been involved in several projects in Europe as well as in North America. Their high-end and very flexible de-nesters can operate on traditional baking cups, brimmed muffin cases and the new style tulip cups – on the same production line and at the same time!



Colborne Foodbotics LLC is an experienced and broad based supplier of robotic systems serving the Baking Industry. Their knowledge base is expanding every day as they take on new applications and build their our experience to create the most efficient automation systems available. Their team of technical people is solid, and at the top of their class.




Comas, with over 40 years of experience and specialization in bakery equipment, is among the major world players of cake and pie production plants. Since 1972, this Italian company has designed and supplied single machines, production lines and complete plants, all tailor-made. Its professionalism and the quality of the machines perfectly match our policy as well as our pie cases, muffin cases and wrap/tulip cups. For reliable and carefree production.


Middleby Bakery group

Form & Frys Maskinteknik, is a company that has found a niche in folding/forming and filling different products e.g. Danish pastry, pizza shells, special pies, puff pastry products, savoury products such as Panier or Pasties etc. Form & Frys Maskinteknik manufacture standard machines as well as custom built machines, tailoring the machines to the various customers specific product. The bakery industry continues to be a growth industry as major producers are constantly looking to introduce new high-quality products to the market. Form & Frys has, through their know-how and innovative ideas, proven to be a valuable partner in developing new products.


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Haas/Meincke with its main office in our neighbouring country Denmark is very familiar with cups from Tielman. Since the early 1970s our baking cups have been used in their equipment. Haas-Meincke specializes in large production lines for all kinds of cakes and biscuits. Their cup dispensers are well known for their accuracy and quality and Haas-Meincke recommends Tielman as the supplier of paper baking cups for its machines and guarantees trouble-free production as long as cups from Tielman are used in their equipment.


Middleby Bakery group

Middleby Bakery Group (MBG) is an industrial bakery division of The Middleby Corporation (NASDAQ: MIDD). Their brands; Stewart Systems, Spooner Vicars Bakery Systems, Baker Thermal Solutions, Auto-Bake and Emico by Stewart Systems, have joined together to become a global leader of industrial baking solutions and technology innovations with over 400 years of combined baking experience and over 2,500 installations around the world. Their innovation centre in Plano, Texas is one of a kind!



Rademaker Group is a globally focused organization based in the Netherlands that designs machinery for the food industry. The production lines are constructed so that they can be adapted to each customer's specific wishes with respect to dimensions and capacity, and perhaps most important, for already existing lines. The machine enables trouble-free dispensing, regardless of whether aluminium foil or paper cases are used. Today several Tielman customers run pie cases in Rademaker pie lines.


Middleby Bakery group

Roulette Bagerisystem has their own production that drives development. When there is no good solution to a technical problem, their skilled and innovative technicians look forward to resolving it. They are not afraid to think in new courses so the final result will be to the customer's best.


Middleby Bakery group

Veropak Ltd have a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of  de-nesting and product handling equipment. Their desire to listen and respond to the precise requirements of their customers enables them to achieve reduced labour costs and maintain efficient productivity year after year. All Tielman facilities provide various cups that run on Veropack equipment – every day!



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